Monday, December 29, 2008

The Big 2-4

My birthday is coming up and I want this cake....j/k but it would be nice though. I'll be celebrating alongside Obama during his Inaugural debut (birthday falls on the 18th), so it's gonna be a ton of partying.

Trying to decide which DC hotspot will be hosting this extravagant event. Hmmmm....


24- New club opening Dec. 30. Never been...sounds kinda risky.

30,000 Luxurious Square Feet
55 Foot Platinum Granite Bar
Six Intimate VIP Rooms
7,000 Square Foot Brazilian Cherry Dance Floor
A Stunning Lounge You Must Physically See To Believe
Ice Sculptures That Will Leave You Frozen In Your Footsteps
A Sparkling Champagne Toast At The Stroke of Midnight

sounds nice huh...

The Park @ Fourteenth- One of the nicest spots in DC. I think its more of a lounge, and its a bit more upscale, just how I like it. Always have fun when I hit up The Park.

Ibiza- Nice spot, been a couple of times. Not too crazy about the location though.

Ozio- Like this spot, only been once though. I really like the layout. One of the few lounges in DC that allows you to smoke inside...not that it matters to me ;-)

Lux Lounge- Heard it was extremely nice, but never been. Might have to try this one out.

Ok DMV natives, I need some assistance please...time is ticking.


Because I love this group and their music, I felt the need to post this video. Love how they related the video to the financial bs we're in today. Enjoy...

Juicy Juicy

Hey peoples..hope every one had a marvelous Christmas holiday. I had a great time just spending time with the fam. The food was bangin' as true soul food should be. Just wanted to share a gift I recieve this Christmas. It's the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. It's been out for a while now, but dis sh*t right here smells great!! Fellas who missed out, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so stop being cheap!!