Friday, February 20, 2009

Rihanna's Photo Released

Didn't want to post the picture but I did want to comment on the recent release of Rihanna's photo which was taken immediately after the alleged Chris Brown assault. At first I was a little hesitant to make a comment about it, but the picture says it all. I've heard alot of opinions about the incident prior to the release of this photo, and alot of people were surprisingly jumping to the defense of Chris Breezy. But now....its a wrap. Now personally, I've heard of instances and even witnessed situations where a woman was pushing a man to the point of no return. BUT NOTHING EXCUSES THIS PEOPLE!! Maybe gives a reason as to why he OR she would hit their significant other, but nothing excuses it. Period. Damn, just imagine your little sister or your mother getting beaten and bruised like that. I don't know about you but...I AIN'T HAVIN' IT!!!!

Keeping both in my prayers, I would suggest you do the same.

Click here for the picture.

I'm No Racist But...

A friend sent me this link today, I must say it just really got me disturbed inside. The post is regarding a debate between Michael Eric Dyson (if you don't know who he is, PLEASE do your research people) and Attorney General Eric Holder about racism and America's inability to speak truthfully about the matter.

Now I'm no politican and I very seldom watch MSNBC, CNN, and I NEVER watch Fox News, but this post has ignited something within that I had to post it immediately.

Now I'm no racist, but I do feel as though when everyone, Black, White, Hispanic, whoever, gets inside the privacy of their own homes, they let lose. And I ain't talking about unfastening belts and kicking off shoes. I believe that to a certain degree, everyone has an ounce of racism within. Some more than others. So when you open up that dialogue to the public to ignite conversation and to promote "change" and unity among races, what is really going to happen?
Thanks for the inspiration Phylli!!
Speak on it...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Love this song/video. Directed by Nabil. Thanks Kanye..I needed that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


In a culture oversaturated with amateurish rappers, emerges the next best thing in music – Harlem’s Cash. A name he proudly has tattooed on his wrist, best explains who he is and his affinity for Harlem, New York. Growing up, in Harlem New York, the Mecca of African American Culture; Harlem has always cultivated the arts, the ever evolving fashion trends and it’s music. Rapper, Harlem’s Cash was like a sponge soaking up all the arts, music and everything Harlem had to offer, not to mention crime and poverty. Being a product of his environment, Cash decided he would hustle his way out of these surroundings, using a talent he perfected on the corners of Harlem; battling anyone lyrically inclined, soon after taking those skills and bringing that fire into the studio. With a look that stands a part from the rest; you may notice this is not your ordinary rapper. For one thing, this stylish emcee is always freshly dressed – mixing urban street fashion with high-end couture.

As a member of the ACES, with rappers Loaded Lux and The Kid Daytona, he had received his first lesson in the music business. However, with conflicting visions for the group – the group disbanded in 2006. At the time, It forced the budding lyricist to develop and hone a style all his own, free of the influences of the wave of hip hop that was popular at the time. On his own, the budding emcee began his quest to create his own sound, far from his battling days on 8th Avenue. His first solo mixtape, The Root of Evil the young lyricist got to work with platinum producers the likes of Dame Grease, Ron Browz and Midi Mafia just to name a few. “To date this body of work was dearest to me. Not only was the quality of music up to standard, but what it took to create it -- makes it so special” expresses Harlem’s Cash.

Cash’s creative expression grows with each new studio session, and the diversity of tracks on his new album is indicative of his growth. Creating quality music has always been Cash’s main objective – an eclectic fusion of Rock, Hip Hop, Urban, Alternative, R&B and Pop that forms into his uniqueness of a welcomed new sound. With production from sonic architects, Government Beats Cash undeniably offers his fans a hybrid of musical style. Their need for live instrumentation and solid beats make it clear that they are more than your “fictional bling talk” and “big booty” music rehash. Harlem’s Cash’s new mixtape album HARLEMwood CASHifornia due out in October 2008 is undoubtedly a macrocosm of a fresh new sound accompanied by genius lyrical play. "From the songs to the production to the whole direction of the album is crazy! The whole album is telling a story, my story” explains Harlem’s Cash.

Presently, Cash has started a movement, "A Beautiful Mind" is the best way to describe Harlem’s Cash and the multi-talented Dj L The Master Key the in-house dee jay for BET's hit show 106 and Park, popular world tour dee jay and actor. The two have combined forces under the assumed title, "A Beautiful Mind." Cash and Dj L have created an outlet for those who think outside of the box and strive not to be ordinary; in house producers, Government Beats were a perfect fit. Their instrumentation and musicality has assisted in the transition from street corner rapper to artist. In just a short time, Cash has already done what few in his genre can accomplish - get people excited about music again. For more information on Harlem’s Cash check him out on or .
Bio courtesy of GlowConnection
Click here to check out Harlem's Cash mixtape.