Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunday Best Auditions

For those of you who are interested, Sunday Best will be having auditions in DC on January 31. Come audition, you might become a star!!!

Other audition locations include:

Atlanta: January 10-11
Washington, DC: January 31
Chicago: January 25

So if you missed you chance in Atlanta, you still have time to get to DC and Chicago to audition.

Jan 25, ChicagoHyatt Regency McCormick Place2233 South Martin L. King Drive,Chicago, Illinois, USA 60616-9985
Jan 31, Washington, D.C.BET Studio 21235 W. St. NE

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Jazmine Sullivan

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lovin' this song...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charlie Bmore 'N B.I.G.

And because I'm such a B.I.G. fan and everything surrounding his life, I found this article with and Charlie Baltimore very interesting. She goes into dept about her problem with the bio pic, and how she and B.I.G. both knew the real deal between the two. Take a peek... People have been questioning why you were left out of the

Charli Baltimore: From what I’m understanding, the one
particular scene which I guess bothered me more than anything was that me and
B.I.G. were in a really, really, traumatic car accident. I almost died in that
car accident and for them to downplay it—and again I didn’t see the movie so I
don’t know how much it’s downplayed or not—but for them to downplay it the way
that it was, the way that it occurred…it bothered me. That’s what probably
bothers me more so than anything. I don’t usually do too many interviews
regarding Big.

For the entire interview click here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Talent Who?

Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan, Rihanna, Jordin Sparks, Mary J. Blige. Just a few female artists I’m sure everyone is all too familiar with. Club-infused instrumentation along with catchy lyrics proves to be what’s “happening”. Show a little skin and you’ve hit the jackpot. So with that said, what ever happened to talent? Yes I’m fully aware that the Whitney’s and Chaka Khan’s are long gone, but does that mean that music has to give up full hope of finding true to life talent, neglecting it for a few commercial radio hits and a myriad of “I look better than I can sing” annotations. Now everyone knows that the music industry is not at all what it once was. The ever so evolving money grubbing monster has been constantly repackaging the same concepts and ideology for years, but with a twist. Money is the sole purpose of the industry execs and because of this, the art form we once held on a pedestal and admired so dearly, has demolished. There are a chosen few who stick out from the bunch and their longevity in the industry has proven so.

Upon hitting the scene in 2005 with her debut album, Music of the Sun, no one knew who Rihanna was or how long her name would even remain a memory. A few years later, the world was reintroduced to a new, much edgier rock star, with the intent to sell, sell, sell. And sell she has done. Her album Good Girl Gone Bad has sold over 7 million copies worldwide, leading her to go double platinum. But does the amount of commercial success determine your artistic ability? And yes her style is crazy hot...but.....does that solidify her talent in the industry? While I am reluctant to admit it, yes I did buy her latest album, I am disappointed to say, however, that the answer is no. Granted this youngster has the right gimmick for success by changing up the image, while finding time to actually produce a cross-over record, but is she talented? Can she sing?

Beyonce, in her own right, has managed to stay around for quite a bit. From her days in the popular group Destiny’s Child to her success as a solo artist, Beyonce has proven that she has a spot in the music industry, and it is very much near the top. The self-proclaimed “Diva”, has received numerous awards for her albums “Dangerously In Love” and “BDay”, and continues to make the transition into the acting world. And while I am a fan of her previous work, I must say the recently released “I Am…Sasha Fierce” was a disappointment. It was unsettling for me to see a maturing Beyonce doing songs my 12 year old niece sings word for word. Beyonce decided to release the alter-ego themed album to showcase the feisty Sasha Fierce, while staying true to herself by adding the more toned down ballads. Okay concept, bad execution. Beyonce has taken a much publicized journey from young teen pop star to a phenomenal female entertainer, and her music should serve as a reflection. Her faithful and loyal fans have grown with her and it’s important she remain truthful to her fans, perpetuating that relationship, which can be an intimate one in some cases. Listeners not only want to hear about the same way you used the club as your weekly stomping grounds, grabbing the attention of onlookers with your contagious swagger.

Growing up to the sounds and infectious lyrics of Mary J. Blige, I was inspired by her music more so than her looks and style. Her voice captivated me and gave a new, rich and much deep meaning to music for me. When she first stepped on the scene, Mary’s songs were filled with saddened ballads of her proclaiming “no I’m not gon’ cry/I’m not gon’ cry/I’m not gon’ shed no tears.” But as time progressed, so did her music. Today Mary sings proudly about finding happiness and anxiously trying to put a choke-hold on it, which proves as a testament that music must grow and evolve, as does the artist.

In my opinion, the older you grow and mature as an artist, your music should be a reflection of some sort, keeping in mind that the listening audience has grown with you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bored ;-(

I'm at work and I'm bored...

So I just thought I'd share this poem by Tupac that I found last night. You can pretty much guess what was on my mind at the time judging by my instant liking to this piece.

In the Depts of Solitude

i exist in the depths of solitude
pondering my true goal
trying 2 find peace of mind
and still preserve my soul
constantly yearning 2 be accepted
and from all receive respect
never comprising but sometimes risky
and that is my only regret
a young heart with an old soul
how can there be peace
how can i be in the depths of solitude
when there r 2 inside of me
this duo within me causes
the perfect oppurtunity
2 learn and live twice as fast
as those who accept simplicity