Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Welcome back everyone! Had to take a lil vacay seeing as though is was my birthday and all. ;-) But I'm happy to be back. For those who did not make it to DC for the Inauguration of the very first African American President, you missed history ;-( It was truly amazing to see so many faces from all different backgrounds and nationalities. Everyone was there cheering on Obama, and celebrating not just in his victory, but in our own. And of course, I partied it up for my birthday as promised. The freezing temps tried to hold us down, but we made it pop nonetheless.

I hit up the Diddy's party Saturday night at Love to kick things off. He was being extra as usual...wit his videos and pictures on display on every tv monitor in the freakin club. But that's Diddy for ya. To say it was PACKED, would be an understatement. But everyone looked nice. Along with Diddy was Terrence J, Stevie Wonder (random right), and partying it up at their reserved table was Eric Snow and his Atlanta Housewive Deshawn Snow.

Sunday, which was my fabulous and wonderful birthday, we started the day by making a trip (20 min. metro ride and about 6 blocks to be exact) to the Lincoln Memorial to see the free inaugural concert. I have never seen so many people in my life. Seriously. It was cold but that didn't stop anyone from getting out and taking part in the festivities. Now that's what I like to see.

After that, we got dressed for yet another fun night at Love, but to no avail. Issues... But I had a wonderful birthday slash inaugural celebration.

So for all of the eager participants who travelled to the dmv for our prez and inauguration, how was you trip and what did you do to celebrate?