Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charlie Bmore 'N B.I.G.

And because I'm such a B.I.G. fan and everything surrounding his life, I found this article with and Charlie Baltimore very interesting. She goes into dept about her problem with the bio pic, and how she and B.I.G. both knew the real deal between the two. Take a peek... People have been questioning why you were left out of the

Charli Baltimore: From what I’m understanding, the one
particular scene which I guess bothered me more than anything was that me and
B.I.G. were in a really, really, traumatic car accident. I almost died in that
car accident and for them to downplay it—and again I didn’t see the movie so I
don’t know how much it’s downplayed or not—but for them to downplay it the way
that it was, the way that it occurred…it bothered me. That’s what probably
bothers me more so than anything. I don’t usually do too many interviews
regarding Big.

For the entire interview click here.


DANA JEANius said...

wow really? charli baltimore? i had no idea she was even remotely involved with any of this

Mr.Getz Bizzy said...

Yeah, that is a bit messed up.

I think it has a lot to do with who was directing the movie like his moms and faith.

everybody know the side lines don't get much play anyways.

Jay1 said...

Charlie Baltimore is one of the most slept on female rappers on the game.