Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ok so I'm a little upset with myself for not hearing about this young lady much sooner, but better late than never. After listening to her music for about 5 minutes, I literally fell in love with Muhsinah's music. I became infactuated and absolutely had to find out more.

-DC native
- 24 years old
- classically trained in piano
- has 6 releases over a span of 3 years (many of them digital only)

Her current release, Oscillations: Sine is available via iTunes and it's AMAZING!! By amazing I mean new, fresh, innovative, not Beyonce' and/or other industry natives (no offense ;-0) Check out her page for songs from her upcoming album Oscillations: Triangle to be released in April.

Be sure to check Muhsinah performing live with Teedra Moses April 2 at Club Liv in Washington, DC.

Muhsinah "From Here"


Ms. P said...

Hot ish!!! Me likee... :)

KidNice said...

muhsinah is the great!!!
also check out foreigne exchange ft. muhsinah - daykeeper

SoulCulture said...

Check out our exclusive video interview with Muhsinah here