Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm No Racist But...

A friend sent me this link today, I must say it just really got me disturbed inside. The post is regarding a debate between Michael Eric Dyson (if you don't know who he is, PLEASE do your research people) and Attorney General Eric Holder about racism and America's inability to speak truthfully about the matter.

Now I'm no politican and I very seldom watch MSNBC, CNN, and I NEVER watch Fox News, but this post has ignited something within that I had to post it immediately.

Now I'm no racist, but I do feel as though when everyone, Black, White, Hispanic, whoever, gets inside the privacy of their own homes, they let lose. And I ain't talking about unfastening belts and kicking off shoes. I believe that to a certain degree, everyone has an ounce of racism within. Some more than others. So when you open up that dialogue to the public to ignite conversation and to promote "change" and unity among races, what is really going to happen?
Thanks for the inspiration Phylli!!
Speak on it...

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